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The Melbourne Tabla School promotes the growing interest in the sublime art of tabla playing in Australia. After studying traditional tabla in India for more than a decade with the highest masters of the art, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Sam Evans has estabished the Melbourne Tabla School to create a context for tabla in Australia. From its humble beginnings, the Melbourne Tabla School has now become a busy centre for tabla playing in Melbourne that operates out of two venues, presents regular concerts, hosts visiting artists and has established a pathway for students to study tabla at VCE, TAFE and University level in Australia. Along with the tradition directly handed down by Pandit Anindo Chatterjee and Ustad Zakir Hussian the Melbourne Tabla School encourages a modern approach to tabla that incorporates a variety of musical styles and approaches.

Sam Evans established the Melbourne Tabla School in 2007 and is a professional tabla player who has performed throughout India and has 15 years of teaching experience. Complementing years of traditional training in India, he holds bachelor, honours and masters degrees in music performance (tabla) and is currently completing a PhD in tabla on the prestegious Sir James McNeil Scholarship. He teaches Indian and World Music at Monash University, has written for the Oxford Encyclopedia of Music and has taught tabla and percussion at primary, secondary and tertiary level in Australia. The Melbourne Tabla School currently has students ranging from children to adults, beginners to advanced and professional players to enthusiasts.

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The Melbourne Tabla School was established by Sam Evans to assist the growth and interest of tabla in Australia. In creating a context for the tabla in Australia the school seeks to promote both traditional and modern approaches to the instrument. Read more....

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