School Incursions, School Workshops and School Programs in Indian Music

Rhythms of India - Engaging and informative programs for schools to educate and stimulate students' interest in the music and culture of India.

Vibrant and Interactive - Featuring three presenters, multiple tablas, sitar, tanpura and armed with a vibrant, infectious energy, the Rhythms of India programs are an exciting way to present Indian music at your school. The dynamic and interactive school incursions are tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. Groups are conducted for prep through to to secondary school, creating awareness and understanding of Indian music and culture through children’s participation.

Tabla Bols, Raga and Tala - Through the spoken rhythms of Indian drumming, known as tabla bols, all students are able to participate in making Indian music during the workshops. The programs combine the key elements of Indian music - raga and tala - Indian melody and rhythm, to create fun, enjoyable and educational workshops.

Look, Listen and Play -
During the workshops students have the opportunity to see, touch and play a variety of Indian instruments, including the tabla, and to hear professional musicians play the instruments in an exciting presentation of the music. The system of tabla bols provides the students with an easy, engaging and entertaining way to gain an understanding of how Indian music works and to immediately enjoy playing the music in a group. Students also learn about the aural tradition employed for musical training in India and come to laugh and enjoy the variety of music presented in the workshop.

Ongoing Materials - Teachers are provided with practical and theoretical materials to continue using in the classroom at the completion of the workshop. These include musical pieces to use at a practical level as well as theoretical information for ongoing study. For schools that would like to prepare the children for the workshops in advance, the materials may be supplied prior to commencing the program.

The Presenter - Sam Evans
is a professional tabla player and music educator. He has been running workshops, programs and lectures in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions as well as corporate settings and music festivals for over a decade. He is a lecturer in Indian music at Monash University, is the founder of the Melbourne Tabla School, and holds a Masters degree in Indian music performance.

Workshop Details
Minimum Audience: 100
Maximum Audience: 200
Minimum Booking: 2 Shows
Cost per student: $5.00
Suitability: Prep – Year 12
Duration: 50 minutes plus Q and A

Bookings and Enquiries
Sam Evans
Ph: 03 98184086 Mob: 0423 145447
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Recent Quotes:

Montrose Primary School

Principle Neil Pollard:
"What an amazing experience! Sam took the kids on a sensational trip that packed in so much within the hour. With a clever use of pictures interspersed throughout the similarities and differences between the two cultures were teased out. The inclusion of some yoga mid-way was a real treat… oh and I haven’t mentioned the sublime music… this show is a must!"

Williamstown Primary School

Grade One and Two Teachers:
“Fantastic! We’d love it again”

“a very successful session”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the program as did the children. I think they picked up more about the culture than they realised. The kids really loved it! Lunchboxes become well played tablas!”

“Sam, Rasheeda and Dave were very enthusiastic and this certainly rubbed off on the children”

“The kids were talking about it for the rest of the day”

“It was well receive by the kids - feedback from the children averaged 4 - 4.5 of 5 and that is very good!”

“Students were singing all the way through class that day"

“From my own point of view, [as a teacher] I found the session really useful  as a further learning experience to keep me going with the unit and to get the kids inspired with the topic.”

“The students enjoyed the complexity of it all. The had fun learning all the different components of the music”


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