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Polyester Strapping for Tabla and Bayan
Polyester strapping is a new system being used for tabla construction as an alternative to the traditional camel strapping. Polyester Strapping is stronger, does not stretch, is easier on the hands to maintain and, most importantly, supplies a more stable tuning than the traditional camel or buffalo hide. It is sold in 10 meter lengths - enough for either tabla or bayan, and comes with an additional meter just in case or if you want to create a bottom ring.

Polyester Straping System (left)  Traditional Strapping Sytem (right)

Advantages of Polyester Strapping:
* Does not stretch so it maintains tuning much better and requires less re-tensioning
* Its soft, so its quicker and easier to use when putting on the drums than raw hide
* Avoids damaging the hands when re-tuning and re-strapping
* No quarantine issues in Australia
* Long lasting - can be used over multiple re-skinings
* Cheaper than the traditional strapping

$15.00 AUD per drum length (10 meters + 1 meter extra)
$2.00 AUD postage within Australia

Secure credit card or Paypal account payment via Paypal.

International orders please Contact Us for postage costs.
Bulk orders of more than 6 lengths please Contact Us for discount pricing.


Tabla Set Hire
Beginning students may hire sets of tabla to take home and practice on when they first begin lessons. Tabla hire is $10 per week, with a $50 deposit and photo ID. We are not able to hire to non-students.


Tabla Sets for Purchase
The Melbourne Tabla School stocks the finest quality tabla available in Australia. We stock complete tabla sets, tabla cases and speciality tablas. Tabla sets are available exclusively for students of the Melbourne Tabla School. All enquires by email only please. Contact us about purchasing tabla.


Maintenance and Repair of Tabla
The Melbourne Tabla School offers a repair and maintenance service for tabla sets.

Repair and maintenance services offered:
* Re-skinning
* Re-setting the tension on tabla and bayan drums
* Fitting new tabla straps
* General cleaning
* Tuning

Prices are according to the job required. All enquiries welcome. For an immediate quote - contact us.

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