Pathways - Tabla in the V.C.E. and University

"The Melbourne Tabla School has created a pathway for students in Victoria - it is now possible to study tabla in formal education in Victoria from high school to undergraduate and post graduate levels."

For the culture of tabla playing to grow and survive here in Australia it is important that students may study tabla in detail during their years at school. Australia has a wealth of good musicians playing a variety of instruments as students are able to study the instrument as part of their schooling. Up until very recently, it was only possible to study tabla, and be examined on tabla, as part of 'percussion'. This meant students could perform only one piece on tabla and the remaining pieces would be played on a variety of other percussion instruments. While it is important to have a good understanding of music as a whole, not just tabla, it is not possible to learn the tabla to a level comparative to the standard of other instruments if tabla students are required to play other instruments as well.

Sam Evans and the Melbourne Tabla School have been working with the V.C.E. board to rectify this situation. We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to study tabla only, not percussion, at V.C.E level in Victoria. Students may now be examined on solo tabla repertoire, known as tabla lehara, traditional Indian instrumental accompaniment and world music / jazz music performance. The marks form part of the final V.C.E. grade at the completion of high school in the state of Victoria.

In establishing this important pathway for learning the tabla in formal education in Australia the Melbourne Tabla School has created the curriculum and recital repertoire for the tabla that has been accepted by the V.C.E board. Further to this the school has also established a syllabus and recital repertoire for students to study tabla at both TAFE and university level in Victoria.

With these important advances students may now study tabla in formal education from high school to undergraduate and post graduate levels. The school currently has a number of students in each level of education.

Anyone interested in finding out more regarding pathways for learning the tabla may contact us.

UPDATE - Sunday 18th December, 2011
Australia's First VCE Tabla Player Gets Top Grades
The Melbourne Tabla School is pleased to announce that Vincent Dodd (right) has become the first person in Australia to complete his VCE music examinations as a tabla player. Beyond writing his name in the history books of formal education in Australia Vincent has received one of the highest grades in the state for his music exams - a perfect score of 100% for the Music Investigation subject and A+ the performance.

I would like to personally congratulate Vincent on all his hard work in setting the standard for VCE level tabla players in Australia - Sam Evans.


Vincent Dodd - Australia's first VCE tabla player

The Final Examination Recital
Vincent's final examination recital included four pieces of music. The first was a solo tabla lehara composition in tintal that included: theka, kaida, tihai, rela, chalan, misrajati, tukra, paran, dupodi, tripodi, tripali, gat, mukra, chakradah. The second piece was a raga composition performed with a sitar player in Jhaptal and Tintal. The third piece was a world music composition in 5/8 that included an improvised solo section. The forth piece was a jazz piece performed playing through the chords with multiple tablas in different pitches.

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