Student Ensembles

Regular students of the Melbourne Tabla School are invited to join a tabla ensemble with other students. These ensembles perform each year at the Melbourne Tabla School end of year concert. The concerts present tabla students in small groups playing the material they have learnt during their lessons and have proven to be a valuable and very enjoyable learning experience for everyone involved. The tabla ensembles offer students regular contact with other tabla players in promoting the development of an active tabla community here in Melbourne. Photos of previous years concerts may be viewed in the Tabla Gallery below.

A range of student ensembles may be hired for performances, ensembles available include small tabla groups for short performances as well as sitar and tabla duets. For bookings and more information contact us.

Professional Indian Music and World Music Groups

The school also provides professional Indian music and world music groups for a range of events in Melbourne from weddings to parties, private concerts and festivals. Below is a list of the available groups. For bookings and further information contact us.

Fine Blue Thread

Well known Melbourne world music trio Fine Blue Thread - featuring Sam Evans Multiple Tabla and Percussion, Ria Soemardjo – Voice and Helen Mountfort – Cello.
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Traditional Indian Ensembles

Traditional Indian Ensembles for weddings, party's and events are available. Ensembles include Tabla and Sitar, Tabla and Sarod, Tabla and Bansuri. Larger groups are also available upon request. For bookings or more information contact us.

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The Melbourne Tabla School was established by Sam Evans to assist the growth and interest of tabla in Australia. In creating a context for the tabla in Australia the school seeks to promote both traditional and modern approaches to the instrument. Read more....

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